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What is it?

The Ajira project started as a research project at the Department of Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to research a new computing paradigm to efficiently process large amounts of data.

It is inspired by MapReduce (and more specifically by Hadoop). Its ambition is to go beyond it by allowing a much more complex processing on the data that can be performed not only using large computing clusters but also with more modest machines. We call it a Data Engine, because its goal is to make your life easier if you need to process (lots) of data. We hope you'll like it.

The Ajira project was supported by the Dutch national program COMMIT.

Main features

Want to know more?

Please, read the documentation that we provide. You can start from the getting started guide, or read our tutorial to learn how to develop with it.

Are you wondering where the name Ajira comes from? You can read it here.